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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

Dec 18, 2020

Do you have persistence? I'm sure way deep down inside there is persistence even if you don't think so. It's the "something" so exciting that it gets you out of bed in the morning. If you want it, you can have it. Yes. It takes determination and getting over the fear of failure and criticism but boy is it worth it! Shut your ears to everything negative people around you say and be persistent with your goals. You will never regret it.

Here in this episode are three tales of people who raced to the finish line using persistence. And one story is about something that recently happened to me. You don't want to miss that!

With a definite plan of action (or attack) and persistence to see your goal through to the end, you will make whatever that great thing is, come to fruition. And yes. It's really that simple. 

This technique and all the topics I talk about take tenacity and a desire to see yourself living your best life right now and that is exactly what will make great things happen. Whatever you do, don't give up and always believe that the impossible is not impossible. It is only your thinking that makes it so.

To have a more productive life in this ever-changing world listen to this episode. Get your dreams, desires, and results that you want. It's easy once you have the 411.


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