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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.


Stephanie Lee is the Creator and Host of Growing Uncomfortable and the Talk, Tales, and Trivia podcasts. She is also the author of Southpaw - A Tale About A Girl’s Imagination. Stephanie is also a skilled researcher, a self-development teacher, and a thoughtful communicator.


Stephanie has an AOS degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting from Iona College and a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the State University of New York (SUNY).


Through much work as a student, participant, and graduate of many self-development workshops, virtual sessions, conferences, and week-long events all over North America from some of the world's top leaders, she examines, guides, and shares her knowledge so anyone can experience the great results they want in life.


Her personal passions include self-development, research, history, social/cultural issues, the 1980’s music scene, pop-culture, dystopian/speculative fiction, true-crime, and, of course, podcasting.


Stephanie lives on the east coast, in the United States with her dog, Frank, and enjoys everything great that life has to offer especially driving her favorite vehicle of all time, a Jeep Wrangler.