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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

Aug 28, 2019

Just like the heading indicates, there is one thing, one emotion that will stop you from moving ahead in your life.

And yes, there are other things that might stop you from moving ahead, as well. But guess what? This one thing is so mentally draining. Who needs it? Not you nor me.

Explore a “At the near top of the...

Aug 21, 2019

In this episode I tell a current story about Podcast Movement that happened August 12-17.

My feelings about being at this huge podcasting event with 2800 attendees? Hmmm…you must listen to find out. But it turns out it’s not such a scary thing. Yes it is slightly overwhelming but there is a solution. And the beauty...

Aug 9, 2019

In this episode I talk about success. What do you think is success? Success is different for every person…E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y….it’s true!

We are all unique and as many times as we acknowledge this we do forget that your perception of success is not my perception of success or anyone else’s. So stop comparing your...