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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

Making Your Memory Work For You - Start NOW! EPISODE TRANSCRIPT

Jan 14, 2020

This is growing uncomfortable. The podcast that explores techniques that will improve your life. Growing uncomfortable with Stephanie Lee starts right now.

Hello, this is Stephanie and I am growing uncomfortable every day in every way and I hope you are too because growing uncomfortable is so cool. It's putting the seed in the dirt, stomping on the dirt that you put over the seed and watering it and watching yourself grow and flourish into that person that you want to become and that is such a good thing for you. I can't tell you how great that feels when you accomplish all of those dreams and desires.

Listen on today's episode, I want to talk about another higher faculty of the mind. Well, there are six of them, so we have a little time to discover all of them. And the one faculty of the mind that I want to talk about is memory. What is memory? What is your memory? What are your memories all about? Well, they are very telling on what you're going to do in the future and what you're going to have in the future and what you're going to allow yourself to have in the future. What am I talking about,?...well, I am talking about just pure unadulterated memory that you can use on a daily basis. First, let me give you a definition from Merriam-Webster. "It is the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned or retained, especially through associative mechanisms." That's right. We have mechanisms that allow us to associate feelings with other feelings and that is so cool.

So let yourself remember. Give permission and ridiculous association is great for it too. Listen. You and I can boost our memory with proven techniques like repeating what you hear out loud, writing things down, creating associations and dividing new information into learnable chunks. It is so true. This realization is so important because as you're going to discover, your memory is so much more than a mental movie reel of your past. It is. It is so much more and it tells you how you want to live in the future. Did you know that? Well, gaining confidence and the power of your memory is going to make your mind much more receptive to the what happens in your future. Well, what is going to happen in your future? Do you know? Have you defined that? Well, let's just say that you want to have something great in the future, which is a great goal.

You should have that. You want to start a business or you want to have a new home or you want to become some executive or a chef or entrepreneur that is really, really great for you. Now, let me just tell you that the memory does work in this case, in these scenarios, you want those, but what you don't want is what you've been getting, right? So we want to jump out of that comfortable situation and what is comfortable with that situation? Well, just think about it and remember what you don't like about that situation, what you've hated about that situation. Keep that memory going of what was not right about that situation. And then think about what is right about the future, what is right about a current situation or a future situation, what is right and use your past memory to get that, to get to that point.

You know, what would you be without your memories? How important is your ability to remember the past and draw on it to inform your next move that is so important and that is what I'm talking about in this episode. It is forming and it is informing for your next move in life. This is so cool and you have the ability to do this all on your own...all by yourself. Again, I have to state, shhhhh, don't tell anyone what you're doing and don't tell anyone if you're not sure that they can, well, encourage you to keep that memory in the past and make for new memories. Maybe the memory is maybe something about that person that you don't like and that you don't want to share. That's okay too. The memory works in so many ways and it does work with knowing names and places and things that you do and where you go and the directions for what you do and where you go, but it also has so much more to do with your goals and desires and what you get out of life.

You know, even most university students graduate without the benefit of learning how their own brains turn experiences into memories. That is so critical. It is critical as an adult that we learn that our memories of the past can just be memories that we leave behind and to get to that uncomfortable situation, to grow uncomfortable, we have to leave those memories behind. We don't forget them. I'm not saying to forget them, I'm saying to just acknowledge that we are leaving them behind and we are moving forward. That is a great thing. You can use your memory in many, many different ways and this is the truth.

Listen, of course, like always. I have my own example to what I am talking about. Well about 20 or 25 years ago, I was living in a condo in New York and I loved it. I had my cat, Holly with me and it was great. There was a time though that I was in between jobs and I didn't know where my next penny was coming from. And I, of course,... well, I just have a memory of being so, so poor and so just not able to afford anything including my common charges or food or even, I really had a hard time just affording my phone bill. And so I would search for change in my car to buy cat food for Holly, a bad memory of the past, that's for sure. And it was telling how I wanted my future to be. I didn't want it to be me searching in the car and the bottom of the car in the floor of the car for change or in between the cushions for 50 cents. That was not something I cherished. So I'm using that memory. I'm using that memory to just say my life will be better now.

I can also use the decision to start podcasting in 2015 how I went about it. It's a good memory, right? That's a good memory of the past telling what we want more of in the future. It was telling me what I want more of this success of finding the programs. I've gone through this before with the podcasting, finding the programs and getting all the things together, the microphone, the earphones and all this other stuff. The plans to do a podcast on Talk, Tales and Trivia. This is so important, so it's important that we have the past bad memories and good memories. We can't live without the memories.

Now if you don't remember certain things, well, there are things that you can do with that as well. Say for example, you don't remember names or you don't remember the cities that you go to or you just don't remember certain facts and certain things. That's okay to save. For example, you didn't remember that the person that lives down the hall is named Trudy. Well that you can work on too, and I have a book for you that will be in the show notes as well as my book list that you can find in the blog of my website,


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Hey, don't forget that using your past memories can create the best life ever. Get out of that comfortable situation and remember, it has to do with those memories, those actions, and those memories and those people that perhaps maybe you don't want in your life. Get out of that comfortable situation and see yourself having everything that you ever wanted.

Now do you want to know how to get in touch with me? Well, of course you do, and it's so easy. It is growing where you can listen to past episodes and current episodes and future episodes. Don't forget it. I have blog posts and I also have transcripts in case you want to read instead of listening to Growing Uncomfortable, and that's a great thing. Don't forget to subscribe to Growing Uncomfortable because you'll get notifications on when episodes are coming out, so you don't want to miss that. If you've enjoyed Growing Uncomfortable, you may very well enjoy Talk, Tales and Trivia, my second podcast about pop culture and trivia, and it's just his fun and enlightening. I hope you can join me over there.

I will see you next time. Bye bye.