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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

Jul 3, 2019

“Personality, that magnetic and mysterious something that is easy to recognize but difficult to define, is not so much something that is acquired from without, as it is something that is “released” from within.”

– Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics

On this episode I explore the inner traits, likes, and the true YOU that makes up your personality. This exercise that I have for you will give you clarity and will hone in on what you want the world to see about you.

This is so important because it makes up the activities and physical things that represent who you are and how you are seen to the outside world with the things you are doing.

And it is really wonderful that right now you can start meeting the people that can and will give you the dreams and desires you want out of life because they will be tuned in and excited to meet you, too.

You will help them and they will help you whether it be in business, friendship, meeting a partner or anything else! You will be happy and you will bring happiness to them.

I use the Jeep Wrangler culture quite a bit in this episode to illustrate my passion I have and the things I am now involved in to meet the people that have the same personality as I do.

*This episode, as with all my episodes, is my opinion and the content is based on 40+ years of hard-core learning and experience. I am not a doctor. Please advise a doctor or a professional on any tips, or suggestions that I talk about in this podcast.*

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