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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

May 1, 2019

Back in August of 2016 I started my first podcast, Talk, Tales and Trivia. Although I was doing the podcast because I loved this new medium I had discovered, I was also using it as a learning experience. I put all my energy into that podcast so I could figure out how to podcast.
But then in the late Fall, Podcast Movement came-a-calling (in an email) and I signed up so fast my head was spinning.
Ahhh…what happened next? Well, you are just going to have to listen to find out.
Yep, just like a roller coaster, the events were extreme highs and extreme lows.


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