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We all are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Explore techniques to improve your life. 

Put that seed in the ground (your dream and desire), water that seed (take action), and watch what you planted bloom and come into fruition (that's getting the results you want).

Now you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way.

Get The Results In Life That You Want - Start NOW! EPISODE TRANSCRIPT

Jan 9, 2020

This is growing uncomfortable. The podcast that explores techniques that will improve your life growing uncomfortable with Stephanie Lee starts right now. Hello, this is Stephanie and I am growing uncomfortable every day in every way and I hope you are too because growing uncomfortable is the best place to be because it is putting the seed in the ground. It is putting dirt over the seed and it is watering it and watching you flourish and grow and that's a wonderful thing and that is something that we always want to aspire to growing and getting uncomfortable so we can have the life that we've always wanted to with all the dreams, desires, and results. That is so cool.

Listen...on today's episode I'm going to talk about the "Chain Reaction Effect". What is that? But first I want to start with a quote and that is from the Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. This was a spoken word recording made in you can get the audio version on audible. You can get the video version on YouTube. And you can get the book version, which I have. It's so convenient, but let me start out with the quote.

Okay, he says here, "You will suddenly find that good luck just seems to be attracted to you. The things you want just seem to fall in line and from now on you won't have the problems, the worries, the knawing lump of anxiety that perhaps you have experienced before. Doubt and fear will now be things of the past. Here's the key to success and the key to failure. We become what we think about. Let me say that again. We become what we think about."

And that is so true. He had it right. That was Earl Nightingale explaining what happens when you start on the road to success. When you start getting uncomfortable and start getting your dreams and desires met by what you think, by how you feel, by your actions, and then the results will come into your life as perfectly as you want them to. That's a chain reaction effect and I'm going to talk about that in some kind of detail right now. Okay, so the chain reaction effect, like I just told you a little bit briefly about his thoughts. Create your feelings, your feelings, create your actions or actions, create your results and the results are you having what you desire in life that your results, that you personally want to have. No one else's, okay? There's no one else that you're trying to please or trying to make happy or trying to have the same life as that is your own results with no thoughts.

There is no feeling and with no feelings there is no action and with no action there is no result. But is there no thought? No, of course not. We always have thoughts. We're always thinking that is part of us. That is part of who we are. So are we thinking negative thoughts are positive thoughts? Let's think about this. Okay, well you'll have negative feelings and that creates negative actions and that creates negative results. So let's from now on, not settle for negative. Let's settle for positive, positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive actions and positive results. And that is what you will get a positive result if you follow through with this chain reaction effect. Okay? Now we're going to go into it. Your thoughts are what you think during the day while you are awake, you know, let's give an example. I want a job so I can make more money.

I want a job so I can have more money. Okay. Now your feelings. How do you feel about that thought? How do you feel? How do you feel? How is your emotions? It feels pretty good. Having a rewarding job that gives me more money. Hey, Hey, I love that. I feel joy. I feel love. I feel happy. I am going to do so much with that little bit more of money or a lot more of money than I am currently making and that makes me feel great. Okay, so now we move on to actions. What is going to be the actions that we are going to take so that we can have our results that we want? Okay, so after those feelings and those are particular feelings that you have, that's the way you can tell if your thoughts are great. If you're thinking positive thoughts, if you're having positive feelings, if you're feeling happy.

Okay, so now the actions. What are you going to do to create that dream job? What is it? I am going to actively look for a position that does what? Okay. I will make a Facebook page that will do what? Will attract people that have that same interest. Okay? Let's think on the actions that we create on the physical actions, looking through the newspaper or online for that perfect job that will acquire more money. That will give me more money, okay? So those are the actions. So you want to line up your feelings and your actions with the thoughts that you have. They're all positive, okay? Keep that in mind after you do the thoughts, feelings, and actions, while the results will just come, you're having that great life that was at one time only a thought. You're reaching a sweet spot. Sit back and enjoy the results.

Hey, you know what? There's a thing though. Okay? I can't help but warn you nicely about the thing that you must not forget. Listen, there are so many people that don't finish this, that only go through their thoughts and don't care about their feelings. Don't try to change their feelings. It's going to be a rough ride at first. Like everything that is growing, you are growing uncomfortable, right? And there's growing pains. You remember what that's like from when you were a child? Perhaps there are growing pains. So many people don' finish. So don't give up. Don't settle for less than you. Don't settle for less than you want. You must be repetitious. You cannot have the goals, the dreams, the desires, the thoughts, the feelings, the actions. And lastly, the results, that sweet spot without having repetition because the repeating and the repetition means that this is so cool and it means that this means so much to you.

You are not giving up. Repetition correlates to getting the results faster. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I can't say that enough because the word is repeat, right? So repeating the word repeat, but I want to, I want to get that into you to know how important that is and it's okay to review and change course in your plan. Refine and review every so often just rewind, refine, and review. That is the clue that I have. Refine, rewind, review. That is so cool and I want that for you. So thoughts become feelings, feelings become actions, well actions...well they will be your results and hopefully they will be a great result. Now using your imagination to get to those thoughts that you want is just as fun and I have talked a lot about the imagination on this podcast and I want to mention it again. Listen, your thoughts are just thoughts going on throughout the day.

Okay? They're like spurts of things that you think about, but this one thought that you are going to have as a goal or a dream or a desire or whatever you want to call it, is what you are really all about. What do you want? What makes up you? What makes you different than anyone else? What dream or desire do you want? And that is what we are going for. So you will have that imagination period going on throughout the day. You will have that time alone that you imagine what you want. Just imagine having everything that you want or having that one thing that means so much, whether it be a relationship, more money, success, anything that you want that is in your favor. You know, I hate this, but I'm going to use it again. The best nation on earth is your imagination. So use that and get to those thoughts that you really want and get those dreams and desires met.

Now, let me just tell you something, and I want to say this in the politest way. There is a downside. I think I mentioned it in the very beginning and there is a downside. This technique works in both ways, okay? It works for positive and it works for negative. Are you a negative Nelly? Well, that's an old expression, but I still remember it and I remember sometimes being called a negative Nelly and we don't want that anymore. We don't want to be called a negative Nelly. We are positive. We are just positive people. So the negative actions work the same as the positive actions, the positive feelings of positive actions, and it creates positive results. Don't forget that. So if you're thinking negative and down and kind of...uhhhhh...that is what you're going to get. And also when you're thinking negative, you won't complete all the steps in the chain reaction effect.

You just won't because you won't feel like it's worth it. So now, now that we know this, now that we know all of this, how are you going to put this into work for you? Well, get into a positive mind frame. Get to thinking positive. What do you really want? And hone in on it. Write it down. This is your activity for the next seven days, by the way, okay, this is what I want you to do. You are first going to think about what you want. Okay? Just think about it. Just sit tight and think about it. Then you're going to write things down. You're going to write many things down. What do you a partner, in a job? Whatever it is, what do you want? Let's get clear. That's have clarity. Let's be crystal clear and that is a great thing because that will hone in on what you want.

Okay? Then when you get those feelings, that will be more and more confirmation that your thoughts are really true and are really good because then it creates the actions and you get the results you want. There is no downside to this actually. If you think positive thoughts, there can't be a downside. What could there be but upside? Now, I'm going to use me as an example and I always do this because, well, I have some pretty good examples in my life, my example of using my imagination. Okay? I'm going to just suppose that, well, I'm thinking here and I imagine myself having a weekly podcast. Now this is back in 2015 or 16, right? I imagine myself having a weekly podcast. I want to do a podcast producing a fun and informative show. Say for example, on something I really know well, right? Firsthand knowledge.

Let me imagine what that would be. Okay, well, I love my Jeep Wrangler. Let's start there. Now what can I do? My imagination says I want to do a weekly podcast about Jeep maintenance and Jeep events and Jeep everything. I want to do a Jeep podcast, a weekly Jeep podcast, so I have that as my thought. Okay. Then I write it down, I write all the information down and I'm thinking all along that is going to be a such a cool podcast and that is really what I want to do on a weekly basis. So now I have the feelings. The feelings are exciting and great because I love my Jeep and I want to share some of my Jeep stories and some of my Jeep maintenance and some of the Jeep events with other Jeep owners, Jeep Wrangler owners. I have that feeling and it feels so good and then the actions...I have right, the actions to make the podcast happen, all the research and everything goes into it.

I am buying the equipment...microphone earphones, finding a program to record the podcast, getting an editor or learning how to edit and then designing the cover art for my podcast. I can see it happening. Making a Facebook page with all the episodes on it, telling all my Facebook friends about the podcast on my personal Facebook page, and then I actually do the episode and put on the instant stories. I can see that happening, right? But I can also see me getting listeners and me getting downloads. Webinars are coming out of it, speaking gigs, and my return on investment is so worth it. The return on investment, the return on all those feelings and actions are so worth it and the revenue will follow. So now that is such a cool thing. And along with it, you are having those great feelings and you're refining your, your thoughts and you are having a great time with your imagination and it keeps growing and growing.

So listen, do this. Start writing down how you are feeling and what your thoughts are during the day. Are they negative? Well, forget those thoughts. Are they positive? Are they helping you? Remember what Earl Nightingale says in the strangest secret, here we go again. I read, "Here is the key to success and the key to failure."...right? The key to success and the key to failure. One is positive, one is negative. "We become what we think about." We become what we think about all day long. It is so cool and don't forget it. Okay? Don't forget it because you, you are great and you can have all the thoughts that you want to have all those dreams and desires and the results you want. It is so cool to realize that you are in control through your imagination and that's it.

Let me tell you something. How do you get in touch with me? Well, you can email me at I love feedback. I love new topics and I would love to hear from you and I always answer. So is my email address.

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Listen, I gotta get outta here, but I will see you next week and I hope, I hope that you are growing uncomfortable every day in every way. Okay, bye bye.